About Price Cobbs

An internationally recognized psychiatrist and second generation medical doctor, Price Cobbs, M.D., has distinguished himself as a management consultant in the areas of diversity strategies and executive development. Co-author of two books considered classics in African American literature and recognized as a leader in the field of psychiatry, Dr. Cobbs founded Pacific Management Systems to assist organizations of all sizes in coping with today’s challenges in the area of diversity.

Leading Pacific Management Systems as President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Price Cobbs and his associates conduct workshops that challenge groups of individuals in schools, police departments, or other organizations to confront racism. Referring to the workshops as “racial confrontation groups,” Dr. Cobbs endeavors to bring myths and stereotypes about race to the forefront, allowing the participants to listen and learn and with guidance strip away their prejudices.

In addition to his work in diversity management, Dr. Price Cobbs has co-authored Black Rage, The Jesus Bag, and Cracking the Corporate Code: From Survival to Mastery: Real Stories of African-America Success. Most recently he wrote a memoir, My American Life: From Rage to Entitlement, with entitlement referring to the birthright of every American to enjoy the freedom to succeed without prejudice. Dr. Cobbs lectures on the psychodynamics of racism and has published numerous articles, including a chapter of The State of Black America, an annual publication of the National Urban League. He also co-produced an award-winning video series, Valuing Diversity, based on ethnotherapy, a clinical model he developed.

Dr. Price Cobbs was keynote speaker at Johannesburg, South Africa’s first Diversity Conference. At the Diversity and Inclusion Symposium in Tokyo, Japan, Dr. Cobbs provided the keynote address.

Educated at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Price Cobbs earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1954. He matriculated at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee, and completed a Doctor of Medicine in 1958. After completely his internship and psychiatric residencies, he established a private practice in 1962. Dr. Price Cobbs holds membership in National Medical Association and achieved Distinguished Life Fellow status with the American Psychiatric Association. A member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, he also bears the title of Fellow with the World Academy of Art & Science.


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